The Mumbai Traffic Police or whoever came up with the one way rule without intimating the residents, dealt a sugical blow to the residents of Powai.

This morning, elder residents who are not digitally savvy headed out to exchange their bigger denomination notes were taken in for another surprise. All the roads in Hiranandani Powai have been made one way, without any intimation to Powai-ites. Some were stuck almost for an hour.
We all know, there was a petition some time back about the traffic situation worsening inside Hiranandani Gardens, was this the consequence of that petition? Did a few enlightened citizens convince the traffic police to enforce this “one way” traffic moment in Hiranandani? It seems this is a trial for one month only.
We all know, what happens to the one-way rule near Eden old market lane. Who is going to ensure the law is enforced? Hopefully, we are expecting today was just teething trouble and things would look better as days go by.


Below are some reactions to today’s traffic chaos below.