A new Mcdonalds has opened at Sakinaka last month, and since  Powaizens have been waiting for a Mcdonalds for a long time, I thought it would help bringing it to your attention. Though We have been hearing a buzz that a Mcdonalds coming to Hiranandani, i doubt the possibilty as there is not much commercial space left in Hiranadani. So check out this place. You just have to take a right from sakinaka signal towards the airport and there it is, besides 5 Spice restaurant.

McDonald’s in India is a locally owned and managed company run by Indians, employing local staff, procures from local suppliers to serve its customers. McDonald’s India opened its first family restaurant at Basant Lok in Oct, 1996; today it has 169 Restaurants across India. This vibrant decade has seen McDonald’s evolve Indian menus, Indian sensitivities and yet remain as globally innovative as ever. This journey has seen McDonald’s develop a rich brand identity amongst its customers and employees as well as partners alike.