New family rides in Hakone Powai are here!

New family rides in Hakone Powai are here!

Mini Jets, Pirate Ship, Hippo Cycle, Frog Jump, Astro spin and the thrilling Boating with Paddle and Battery powered Aqua pads.

There are musical rides exclusively for children below two years; there are boats for the older children. The Bumper (Dashing) cars are for all age groups.

The new Replenished Entertainment Center (FEC) at Hakone has the latest Simulators, Prize and Redemption Games apart from Air Hockey

Tables for two age groups

The Softplay Maze keeps Kids busy for a good thrilling amount of time. You enter with a welcoming Sundae Swirl Ride and follow on to the thrilling Boats, Kangaroo Jump, Mini Jet, Hippo Cycle

A newly introduced Multi-Ride Scheme assures you of a great day. This Scheme offers you a  concession for multi-ride participation. Weekend and weekday rates apply.

Hakone also is an ideal location for Birthday Parties, Anniversary. Celebrations, College Day and School Get-togethers and planned. Corporate Events.