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Perfect Skin

 Acne and pigmentation, Dull skin, Scars and other skin concerns

Acne and pigmentation is very common concern, while we all try to get home remedies to help our selves it needs more than just lime and curd applications in most of the cases.

Many combination treatments customized to the nature of the concern along with medications is suggested. A combination approach of different peels is customized to control acne and pigmentation respectively. Laser treatments for acne and scars are done to give a smooth healthy skin.

Textural changes in skin can be very disturbing especially when there are scars or open pores and fine lines. Dermaroller combined with Laser resurfacing gives wonderful resurfacing of facial skin.


Youthful Skin

Rejuvenation, Skin tightening, Wrinkles, Enhancement and contouring

Skin all over our body undergoes cell renewal and simple procedures like peels mesotherapy and microdermabrasion helps this process resulting in soft supple and rejuvenated and healthy skin.

Peels are basically fruit acids that remove the dead skin cell layer give a fresh healthy appearance. Microdermabrasion involves polishing the skin to get even tone and textural changes for a healthy look. Mesotherapy is a procedure in which essential nutrients are delivered in form of tiny injections into the skin resulting in collagen remodeling and rejuvenated fresh look. PRP or vampire facials work in similar way however ones own plasma is injected into the skin for rejuvenation.

Every face is beautiful in its own unique way however tiny injections of Botulinum toxin and HUA fillers can enhance the features. Botulinum injections relax the small muscles of face and give your face a relaxed appearance while filler is a gel like substance which volumise and enhance the facial aesthetics. Many aesthetic interventions can be achieved by these procedures like facial contouring sharpening jaw line eyebrow and nose alignment, concerns of gummy smile.

As our age advances the skin tends to sag and distort the harmony of the face simple techniques of thread lift just in the superficial part of the skin can make the facial skin more taut and balanced. Skin tightening can also be done with technology like radiofrequency.

Gorgeous Hair

Hair restoration

Hair loss treatment includes thorough understanding of underlying cause like anemia, thyroid dysfunction, metabolic or nutritional disorders. Medications along with tiny injections of nutrients into the scalp and low level laser light therapy can help arrest the hair fall. PRP is a procedure in which patient’s blood is collected and centrifuged to separate the plasma and activated plasma is injected into the scalp for new hair growth.


Aesthetics and Body

Hair Reduction, Excessive Sweating, Localised fat correction

Getting rid of unwanted hair is now a very simple process with latest Laser technology. Laser light is absorbed by the target hair and results in permanent reduction of hair. Various body parts can be treated in a faster and painless way.

Excessive sweating can be controlled by tiny Botulinum toxin injections into the underarm skin and relieves from excessive sweating for 8 to 9 months.

Localised fat on thighs abdomen underarms and chin can also be treated with injections.



Dr Narmada Matang MBBS; DVD. Dermatologist Neo skin and cosmetic clinic
Dr Narmada Matang MBBS; DVD.
Neo skin and cosmetic clinic

Dr. Narmada Matang did her graduation from M. P. Shah Medical College Jamnagar Gujarat in India, followed by postgraduate diploma in dermatology. She pursued her interest in cosmetic dermatology and underwent trainings in the US. She is a certified international trainer in minimally invasive techniques for aesthetics and follicular hair transplant. She has been successfully practicing dermatology, cosmetology since 10 years.

Dr Matang is currently a senior consultant at Kaya Skin Clinic and has her private practice in Hiranandani Gardens Powai, Mumbai. Dr Matang has been on the panel of scientific committee of the in house journal and actively involved in publishing online web information on cosmetic dermatology; has been awarded for safe practices in dermatology. Her contributions in International and national academics include  a chapter on mesotherapy in aesthetic medicine book- Aesthetic medicine Art and techniques and post graduate teaching aids .

Experience includes trials on mesotherapy for face rejuvenation and localized fat reduction along with training fellow dermatologists. She has presented in various International conferences and has been invited as a faculty and conducted workshops for fellow dermatologists at reputed forums including national and international dermatology conferences.  She is a Trainer for Allergan and is on the Panel of National consensus for Botox and Fillers for Allergan.

Dr Matang has special interest in harmonizing the face with minimally invasive techniques.