She is a CA by profession, who is also a doting mother.She wanted to get connected to moms in Powai.

    Here is a short interview with Mythreyi Iyer on a feature called “People Talk”


    • How long have you been living in Powai? And why did you decide to make Powai as you home?

    I have been living in Powai since the October of 1998.

    The quality of construction is what made us decide on Hiranandani, Powai.

    • Can you share some of your experiences of living in Powai, right from the day you selected the property, till today? How has Powai changed in your opinion?

    Powai has dramatically changed in the past 10 years. When we moved here, there were just a cluster of residential buildings. I had trouble finding transport to commute to the nearest stations early in the mornings as well as nights when I returned from work.

    I remember my dad used to say that when he went for his early morning walks, there was nobody on the streets. It wore a deserted look. But then things changed; he was thrilled to see young girls and boys walking hand in hand asking for coffee shops at the wee hours of the morning..the entry of the call centres..and then slowly hell broke loose in powai!

    Like everybody else, I think traffic has become intolerable. We should have skywalks connecting the entire township so that residents are saved from wasting time on the streets to navigate distances that shouldn’t take more than a couple mins to reach.

    However, as a mother I feel this place is ideal as where else can one boast of a school and park within 5 mins of home.

    • What kind of extra amenities would you like, which are at present lacking in Powai?

    I would definitely appreciate quality restaurants, a community centre and a library.

    • What do you think is the biggest advantage of living in Powai ? And what to do you think is the single most disadvantage of living here in Powai?

    From a parents point of view I think its ideal. Like I mentioned earlier the proximity to the school and park (2 basic requirements for any child) make powai tick.

    Disadvantages: The distance from the cultural / so called happening epicenters and the traffic snarls. But I am very hopeful that in the coming months (hopefully not years) infrastructure will improve and it will not be as painful to commute in and out of powai.

    At the same time, I would like to add, that hiranandani constructions rethink the way they are developing powai into something they didn’t sell to their buyers. We bought our apt coz we got an unobstructed view of the lake…now 10 years down our view is enveloped by odyssey I , II , Tivoli and Evita…we feel cheated. Before commercializing this place any more they should put basic infrastructure in place.

    • Can you tell us something about yourself?

    I am a Chartered accountant and company secretary and more importantly the mother of a 4 yr old boy. I work out of home for a chartered accountancy firm so that I achieve the twin objective of being there for my cub as well as challenging my grey cells.

    I enjoy meeting new people amongst the other common interests of music, movies and traveling!


    • What do you think about this initiative of ? Do you think you can contribute to this website and help get Powai connected?

    I think it is an excellent initiative to connect Powai. I hope that it can also be a voice to bring to light all the problems that we face here.