I sold my Hyundai Accent in December 2005 and started looking for a cheap to run diesel vehicle. Didn’t have many choices then and the latest one to hit the market was Indica Turbo. I read the reviews online, took a test drive and booked the vehicle from Fortune Cars, Powai via JMD (ICICI Finance DSA). Completed all the formalities of purchase & finance in the next few days and visited dealership at Powai to check out the car. 

My car was not there, but just then saw Indica Turbo DLG rolling in filled with 5 employees and loads of brochures packed in the boot. Suspected it to be my car and eventually turned out to be mine, was told it was just brought from yard for registration, I didn’t make a scene.

Took delivery a few days later with extra accessories of front bumper guard & llumar tint film. I was enjoying the turbo rush & the car overall. Noticed by next day

  • One of the rear seat belts does not work.
  • A small scratch on front bumper (since beginning).
  • Misaligned front bumper guard accessory.
  • Speedometer non-functional

Went to dealer & was told speedometer is disconnected for all new cars, and all the issues will be sorted out. Left the car for two days.

At delivery found the misaligned bumper was not fixed properly. Anyways went to my favourite accessory dealer Wasan at Milan subway, Santacruz. Got installed Jensen DVD car deck (bought from US) & infinity component speaker (back). Other minor accessories were fixed as well. 

Went back to the Fortune Cars, Powai and returned him the misaligned front bumper guard as it was defective, dealer did not refund the full money as they normally do not take back accessories.

At 10000km service I was told by the service advisor the clutch needs to be overhauled, I refused as I didn’t feel the clutch any different, but the advisor persisted that the clutch is harder then other Indicas, I refused as 10000Km is too early for this.

Bad potholed roads in Mumbai took toll of the suspension. At 12000Km I was told the front suspension needs to be replaced & again clutch plate overhaul mumbo jumbo. Got that suspension & clutch cable replaced (no overhaul). 

At each service there were delays from committed delivery time, I spoke to the customer service manager who said this is normal with so much pressure of vehicle nowadays and I should speak to him next time. I didn’t like that at all and suggested that they take less cars for service or work night shifts instead. I was asked to fill a Tata Motor feedback form & was guided as to how I should rate them above 8 on a scale of 1-10 which I did with assurance that they will improve.

The A.C thermostat started to act up and the A.C cooling became irregular, pointed out the issue in two services 15000KM and 20000Km, was told it was just contact loose, it will be fine but still the problem, eventually I told the Customer service manager my immense displeasure at the experience & took the advisor for a long drive to impress upon him the problem, eventually it was diagnosed as malfunctioning thermostat and replaced (unfortunately by this time the warranty had just expired few days back). 

The last service at 26000km took them 3 days as they had major backlog and old issues of manpower constraints.  I was very upset, and finally started hunting for another service workshop. 

In the forum I was advised Richard Garage http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian…tml#post744458 (Need to find Good Tata dealerships in Mumbai).

My experience with them is much better in the first interaction but they don’t keep me informed promptly about delays (for the body repair job). The quality of work is superior to Fortune cars. First time since buying Indica, I had no technical issues after taking the vehicle back from service, they also fixed the wrong setting of clutch cable which improved the driving pleasure. By the way I have not got the clutch overhauled yet, which is not needed as informed by Richard Garage service advisor and I am driving without any problems.

I enjoy driving Indiuca Turbo car but hate the ownership experience due to hopeless service received at Fortune Cars, Powai who are just smiles and no substance.