IMG_1017A friend suggested we haven’t caught up for a long time, so given an option between Aromas and Suzette, I naturally chose Suzette,  since I had never actually checked out the Powai outlet.

I have been to their Bandra outlet which is extremely popular, in contrast to the small cramped up space in Bandra,the Powai outlet is extremely spacious. What surprised me most was that most tables were for couples and designed for meeting old friends or intimate one on one meetings with some beautiful French food.

I tried to check the sentiment about Suzette on social media, I found that people thought the place was pricey and small and hardly anyone endorsing the place, though my Powai lunch companion says he regularly visits Suzette with his grown up kids. Below are some of the tweets.

We decided to split an egg/chicken sandwich and go for oats, banana, honey smoothie. The smoothie was delicious, but the sandwich was sent to be toasted again.

The damages for a small lunch between two was just below Rs 900/-. What was your Suzette experience, what would you recommend?