I had posted a picture of a popular restaurant from Powai Vihar on my Facebook page. I made a comment along with the picture saying the following.

“ This place is so old, I wonder if anyone goes here to dine? #powaivihar”

For me it was a genuine enquiry, since the last time I ate at this place was in 2005. The reactions I got were the following.

Some said, 1) I shouldn’t defame the restaurant 2) Some said I had a grouse against the restaurant.There were many other things which was said, and I realised that I had been insensitive. So I want to apologise to all the patrons of this place.

We celebrate with food on our birthdays, we celebrate with friends over food. The neighbourhood restaurant forms an integral part of this celebration. Our memories get associated with them.

We order home from our neighbourhood restaurant when we are lazy to cook or we have guests at home. We order when there is repair work at home. We order out when the house is a mess. Having one friendly neighbourhood restaurant makes our lives better.

This restaurant is quite a pride of the neighbourhood. No one uttered a word against it when I pointed out the extensions done by this restaurant seems unauthorised, I couldn’t see the building compund and even the footpath seemed usurped to a certain extent.

Such is our love with this place, that we can over look potential fire hazards? What if this kind of structure is an obstruction in case of emergencies like a fire? I am no expert on municipal law and I would be happy to be proved wrong.

Now you would ask me what is my beef? Why do I care if a certain establishment does some illegal extensions, isn’t everyone doing it?

Nothing personal, I want such neighbourhood restaurant’s to thrive. But I don’t expect it at the cost of the much valued public space.

I have often been told, that i focus only on Hiranandani Gardens and the news there. So I decided to check out some other areas of Powai. This time I picked up Powai Vihar.

I love Powai Vihar, the people here are so genuine, I love the neighbourhood. But some things I saw pained me.

The shopkeepers were keeping their stuff like they own the pathway. There was dirty sewage water flowing. People were walking on bricks laid to reach the shop to eat their pani puri.

Can we make Powai Vihar, cleaner and better? I love streets, streets need to be well maintained , they should be ample space for pedestrians to walk.

On the streets when one walks everyone is equal. The person who lives in 5000 square feet house to the person who lives in 500 square feet house. From the person who drives a 40 lakh car to the person who doesn’t own a car. We are all equal and well behaved when we are on our own two legs.

We need to maintain our streets, this is public space. Our public spaces are being usurped and not maintained because some people don’t have to walk.I want to appeal to Powai Vihar residents. Let us start a drive to clean up the place. Let us form a group to see what we can do to make Powai Vihar a place it’s residents truly deserve.

If you think I make sense, please email me at manoj@powai.info so we can talk.