By Kasturi Borkotoki

It’s been two days since I watched Violinist Sunita Bhuyan perform on Stage in the Mumbai Book Fair in Powai, but the feeling of exhilaration is still there! Power and passion are the two words that can perhaps only  remotely do justice to Sunita’s performance as she romanced the violin, taking the audience through a beautiful musical experience.

What was significant about her performance was the way she handled both Indian Classical and fusion with equal expertise. Where does one get to see an Indian Classical violinist who plays standing  on the stage, and if that was not all , also sing and emote with equal passion!IMG_1320a (1)

The show started with an invocation to lord Ganesha sung beautifully by Sunita and it was followed by a fusion piece with her accompanists on the tabla, keyboards and jambay.  Viewers delighted as ragas flowed in and out of chords with elan. This was followed by a medley in ragas called ‘Bharat Darshan’ , where short renditions comprising music from different states of India were portrayed.

The next item ‘Raga to Bollywood’ was very entertaining as she quizzed the audience about various Bollywood numbers that she played and showed how these everyday songs that we hummed all  originated from the seven notes ‘Sa re ga ma pa dha ni ‘. The audience was by then rocking and swaying to her!

What took the cake was the part on the Assamese Bihu , from her Album ‘Bihu Strings’. She sang and played the violin with equal ease, swaying to the beats herself. By this time, there was no holding back the audience in the ground, which was jampacked. They started dancing and swaying , as they came out of their seats. I too couldn’t hold myself back and jumped straight onto the stage and broke into dance!


This evening was invigorating. There is a certain purity and positive energy in Sunita’s music that stays with you, that has a promise, a heady rush! More than a musical treat, I would call it a wonderful and energetic presentation, a combo of positive talk, songs and music!