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The actress performed on a collection of elating numbers as well as the songs featuring yesteryears actress Helen for the Mumbai Festival at the Go Karting premise

Elsie Gabriel

On January 26, the Republic Day, residents of Powai and the adjoining areas witnessed actress and dancer Sudha Chandran performing for the Mumbai Festival at the Go Karting premise. Sudha performed on a collection of exhilarating numbers as well as the songs featuring yesteryears actress Helen.

Her performance dished up the tangy evening which was organised by the Hiranandani Group for the ‘Brand Mumbai’. The Mumbai Festival, from its conception, was planned as an ode to the throbbing metropolis that firmly believes in the mantra, ‘Can do, will do’.

Speaking to Mulund-Powai Plus, Sudha said that the inhabitant of the city should give back the city what the city offers them. "I firmly believe that Mumbai is much more than a mere destination to live in. The real character of this vibrant metropolis is found not just in the high-rises, slums and bustling lifestyle, or a plethora of landmark but the spirit that infuses the hearts of the people."

Further speaking about the Mumbai Festival, she says, "The Mumbai Festival salutes the never-say-die attitude of the Mumbaikars. Indeed, there is something special about the festival as even the mundane seems exciting and new." When asked about the reason for choosing Helens’ numbers for her dance, Sudha replies with the same zest, spirit and energy that she showered on the stage, "I find her songs very invigorating and upbeat and I enjoyed performing on those tracks."

Every year, the suburb hosts a few events of Mumbai festival and the residents witness the same with sheer fidelity and fervour. Also, the festival has something or the other for everyone.
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