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2008, a three-day annual festival of IIT Bombay witnessed participation
of budding engineers from all across the country




                            Elsie Gabriel



annual sci-tech festival of IIT Bombay, popularly known as ‘Techfest’
was a great success as it spelt the intellectual technical excellence
by itself. The three-day event that started on January 25 saw a
plethora of competitions during which several teams from all around the
country attempted to out perform each other. On one hand robots battled
to break out of the prison in the least possible time while on the
other hand submarines and F-1 cars clashed out to gain supremacy on
land and water.









Elsie Gabriel

Prof C Amarnath from the mechanical engineering
department, says, "Techfest is not a mere celebration. Students who
participate in the fest explore their hidden talent and those
passionate about their creations, persist."

Pixel, an international image processing competition
saw remarkable entries coming from all across India. Vertigo, which has
become a synonym for robotic supremacy in the country saw amazing
performances by a quite a few. Apart from this, after the huge success
of Micromouse finals, a workshop was held for the same to give insight
into the construction of this intelligent robot. The event also
witnessed mind-boggling pyrotechnics by Pyromania.

Working in unity was the greatest experience said
Ashwin Soni, a student of third year metallurgy, IIT Bombay, "Working
for Techfest has taught me a lot, it has been a great experience
working together and I will cherish it for ever." Voiced, Parasvil
Patel, a student of third year electrical engineering, IIT Bombay, "We
have been working for the festival for almost nine months now and all
the vague thoughts turned into realities very successfully." 

Out in the open grounds, aerospace and civil
technocrats were sweating it out for Wings and Construct, which saw
unprecedented participation this year. Photography enthusiasts also
were in for a treat as well with eTrix pitting the best against each
other. With a jammed packed audiences, the exhibits surely had a tough
time over these three days of the festival. None the less, the crowd
enjoyed and learned as well from all these exhibits.

Besides, the music and the lasers elevated the fervor
of the spectators who broke into the chants of ‘Once More’. Giving into
the demands of the crowd, the evening took a patriotic turn with an
encore on Vande Mataram by the Israeli acrobats. The atmosphere was
electric with the crowd singing along. And so came to end another fun
filled day of celebration of Technology in this eleventh edition of