"Check that out – a cut vegetables stall.” My Mom pointed out at several packets of cut vegetables. I was amazed to see such a then-innovative thing. I’m talking about 2003. Back in the day when there was no Swiggy or Zomato, cut vegetables came to the rescue to all homemakers and working ladies and men. And this comfort was and still continues to be brought by Mrs Padma, the owner of ‘Stree Shakti Cut Vegetables’ stall at Old Hiranandani Eden market Powai.

Old Hiranandani Eden market
Now that’s what you call a boon to the modern lifestyle.

‘I have been selling cut vegetables since 1999, what started at 5 Rs/250 gms is now 25 Rs/250 gms’

Padma has seen the rising inflation of vegetable prices. She handles everything on her own, right from buying vegetables to washing them to cutting them finely and packing them into packets and getting it to her stationed van in the market, she does it all by herself.

“I took up this profession to make ends meet, my husband and I had kids to take care of and that’s what prompted me to start my business, it is all I have now.’

‘Most of the days, the business is good, it was way better 20 years back when I started because I was among the early stall owners on this street. Now, with rising competition and easily available delivery and food options, the business is going just fine’

Old Hiranandani Eden market

But still, Cut vegetables > Ordered food, any day especially when you can trust the source of the veggies. And it saves a hell of a time.

Padma’s kids are now married and settled. She continues to drive her passion and is one strong level headed lady! The only problem she faces is lack of labour when she has to run to her native, as nobody is there to take care of her work here.

I have been walking past by the entire Eden Market lane for 17 years now, and Stree Shakti Cut Vegetables Stall serves to be a constant in this street.

Also! She also sells mouth-watering homemade Pickles that you can try out.


Mrs Padma on +91 92207 69412