Mood Indigo 08

Last Few Days………

Posted: 16 Dec 2008 02:54 PM CST Folks!!
It's the last few days… that part of the year when we start our tantalising countdown to what we've been waiting for all year… Mood Indigo!!
NEW NEW NEW: People! Let no doubt, no query, no question you may have about Mood Indigo 2008 remain unanswered. To facilitate better interaction, you can Chat with the Mood I team on and clear even any teensy weensy question you have. Our helpline number is: 9223223203 Raise your hand!

Schedule Release: The MoodI schedule is out, and one very very important thing you need to do is get your hands on it! This little piece of paper will help you plan your 4 days of MI into an unforgettable experience.
Contingent News: Some clarifications and corrections regarding some competitions at MoodI were made at the CL meet conducted on the 7th of December, and minutes of the same are available on the website. Do take a look at these to avoid any discrepancies.
So, to run past you a few recent developments:
I@Mood I: This is a new concept introduced @ Mood I this year, to enable you to literally 'cash' in on the money-making ventures at MI – the Mood Indigo Stock Exchange, our Casino- Viva Las Vegas or just, exchange your virtual money for tonnes of prizes! Earn MoodI Rupees by qualifying for the finals at some select competitions at MI, and make the most of your spoils!! Exact details about this feature will be revealed to you at MoodI itself during registration. For any clarifications, Contact:Samarth(9819929153),Himesh(9819218957 )
Afternites: Join us as we show you glimpses of interesting arts and artists from all over the world in afternites… Yes, afternites this year brings to you an array of performances you'll never even dream of.
-Come home to the 'NoFit State Circus', brought to you straight from UK on the 20th of December, and experience the joy of circuses all over again, this time Mood Indigo style! Catch Simha and India Jazz Suites on the 21st of December and catch rock music and a blend of dance forms like never before. On the 22nd, we bring to you laughter wrapped in classic poetry from some of the best contemporary poets this country has… a refreshing change from the run-of-the-mill laughter programmes flooding T.V. channels these days.
The fun doesn't end there; we also bring to you "The Giraffes" on the 22nd December, Israel's most successful rock band, who've performed at international festivals like Glastonbury and Montreux. Dare you miss this one!!
Folks! There's not much explanation required for this one – security has been beefed up this year; DO remember your college icards when you come to the IIT campus. Private vehicles will NOT be allowed into the campus premises, and registration will be conducted at all entry points. Please follow all these instructions and keep your icard and proof of registration with you at all times. Help us to keep Mood Indigo safe. For other security instructions, you are strongly advised to go to
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