These structures were supposed to aid devotees during visarjan, bring down traffic woes. The locals of Powai have expressed concern over the Foot Over Bridges (FOB), that will be constructed by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Develop- ment Authority (MMRDA) at Hiranandani and the famous Ganesh Ghat near Powai Lake, where ever year, more than 1,000 idols are immersed during visarjan.

After receiving several requests from the locals, the MMRDA, sighting traffic woes and rising number of accidents, especially during the day of visarjan had proposed to build six FOBs all across Powai. The important one is near Ganesh Ghat – 1, opposite Shipping Corporation where large idols are immersed.

According to the residents, these FOBs will help the devotees to transport large idols from the bridge for immersion, which in turn will decongest the roads.
Devotees from places like Andheri, Marol and Vikhroli visit the ghat for idol immersion and more than 1,000 big and small idols are immersed every year in the lake.

[quote]“The problem is not just during Ganesh visarjan. The roads are extensive and speeding vehicles make crossing dangerous, especially for children and senior citizens. Since we wanted a permanent solution for this problem, we requested the MMRDA to built FOBs, which is now delaying it for no apparent reason,” said V. Appukuttan, a resident and vice president of Giants Group of Powai. Citing the number of accidents in the past, wherein drunken devotes have drowned, this year, the BMC will be prohibiting people from entering the lake for immersion. Instead, it would be proving around 150 volunteers and cranes with drums for immersion.[/quote]

Commenting on the issue, S. Srinivas, Asst. Commissioner, MMRDA said, “I am aware of the matter, but I’ll check it thoroughly before I state anything.”     

[quote]The proposed FOBs[/quote]
The FOBs were proposed at following sites: Ganesh Ghat (opposite Shipping Corporation), Sailee Developers (NTPC), Hiranandani bus stop, Ganesh Ghat at Panchkuttir, Hiranandani-Vikhroli gate and near Powai IIT’s main gate.