Today morning I spoke to MLC Mr. R N Singh about the Kailash Complex Road Repair status. The reconstruction work “Bhoomi-Puja” was held out on 13th November 2016.

For 10 long years, Powai-ites have been facing the bad roads at Kailash Complex. 


MLC Mr R N Singh asks Powai-ites to be patient as they have waited for 10 long years and its just a matter of time. He says there are some government formalities before the repairs begin. As per him the collector has sanctioned the same and all NOC’s are in place. (including the swami Narayan temple trust).

He said

“We are waiting work-order from MHADA  to begin the repair work. Considering the hardships Powai-ites have faced, I have allocated 10 lakhs from MLC fund. The actual cost of the road repair would be higher and we are waiting for the estimates.