Even before home-seekers who did not win a flat in Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority’s (MHADA) last lottery begin hunting for homes, the civic body has come up with five new locations for its next lottery.

    These are at Powai, Gorai, Magathane, Mankhurd and Turbhe-Mandalay, where approximately 4,000 new flats will be put on the block in the next four months.

    On offer will be around 500 flats each in the higher income group (HIG) and middle income group (MIG), 1,800 new flats for the economically weaker sections (EWS) and 600 flats in the lower income group (LIG).

    “Of these, 3,380 flats will be ready by November. This time, some shop spaces will also be allotted by the lottery,” a MHADA official said.

    MHADA will also acquire new lottery software that will eliminate doubts over the transparency and efficiency of the earlier software.

    Questions were raised about the old software’s ability to pick application form numbers at random after it was noted that several winners who got flats under the lottery had filled forms bearing consecutive serial numbers.

    MHADA’s new locations


  • Eastern suburbs: Mankhurd (LIG: 185), Turbhe-Mandalay (EWS: 430, LIG: 93), Pratiksha Nagar, Sion (LIG: 240, MIG: 310, HIG: 207), Canara Engineering, Ghatkopar (LIG: 62)

  • Western suburbs: Powai (HIG: 112), Magathane (Not available), Gorai (not available), Malad-Malvani (EWS: 1328), Gaikwad Nagar, Malvani (MIG: 112), Versova (HIG: 166), Shailendra Nagar, Dahisar (HIG: 56)

  • Commercial projects (shops): Pratiksha Nagar, Sion (12), Chembur (24), Turbhe (8)

Article sourced from http://blogs.mybandra.com/2009/06/12/mhada-lottery-5-new-locations-for-the-next-lottery/