Economics is embedded in the environment. Green is good for business – for strengthening market differentiation and giving an impetus to the bottom line. This has been proven time and again by green hotels who have, over the years witnessed their commitment to environmental concerns which pay high returns as a result of reduced operational expenditure.
On Thursday, 05th April 2012 5pm  Meluha The Fern Powai will be formally presented the official  Ecotel certificate by HVS (Hotel Valuation Services) which had audited the hotel for an Ecotel Certification.
 Steve Rushmore Senior – President and Founder of HVS will grace the occasion along with  Manav Thadani – Chairman HVS India, Kevin Goldstein _ Vice President HVS Sustainability Services, Ritu Primlani – Director HVS Sustainability Services India and  Harinakshi Nair – Senior Associates India.
Steve Rushmore founder of  International HVS will award the ecotel certification in person. Steve Rushmore is the president and founder of HVS, a global hospitality consulting organization with 30 offices around the globe. He directs the worldwide operation of this firm and is responsible for future office expansion and new product development. Steve has provided consultation services for more than 15,000 hotels throughout the world during his 40-year career and specializes in complex issues involving hotel feasibility, valuations, and financing. He was one of the creators of the Microtel concept and was instrumental in its IPO. Steve is a partner in HEI Hospitality, LLC, a hotel investment fund, which makes him one of the few hospitality consultants that actually invest in and own hotels.
Meluha the Fern ecotel is managed by Concept Hospitality, headed by Param Kannampilly ,who  is known as the pioneer  of eco-friendly hotels in India.
The Meluha the  Fern is an environment friendly hotel which has been certified and awarded the Ecotel label.
An Ecotel certified hotel follows stringent criteria framed by environmental experts. The gist of the concept is that the use of natural resources must be minimum, pollution discouraged and unnecessary waste curbed. ‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’ is the motto here.
Explains  Param Kannampilly, chief of the Concept Hospitality,
[quote]“We are happy to be awarded the ecotel certification.The return on investment in most cases varies from six months to 10 years, but the savings are substantial. Identification of these benefits has been a significant aspect for the growth of green hotels worldwide. Low risk, high returns. Reduction of energy use, conservation of water, solid waste management are all low risk investment initiatives that ensure high returns as the savings are significant. The reduction in expenses is made possible by effective waste management and increased efficiency.

The operational expenses are greatly reduced for hotels that implement green initiatives. While the capital expenses will be relatively higher, the savings on a monthly basis on operational costs helps boost the bottom line.
Adds Kannampilly further, “The investment should not be just limited to conserving the resources but educating all the stakeholders, from employees to guests and suppliers.The Ecotel Certification is based on five areas of environmentalism, each of which is designated by a Globe award. These five areas are referred to as the ‘cornerstones of environmental responsibility’ or simply as ‘Globes’. These Globes are Energy conservation, Water conservation, Solid waste management, Employee environmental education and Environmental commitment.”


 Meluha the Fern ecotel at Powai ,Hiranandani Gardens Mumbai  has been constructed  in an eco friendly style incorporating all sustainability infrastructures by Niranjan Hiranandani.
Enlightens Niranjan Hiranandani chief of Hiranandani Costructions who built the ecotel with green dynamics in mind,
[quote]“Sustainability is at the forefront of our hospitality and construction sector. Both our ecotels, the Rodas and the Meluha the Fern  are constantly talking about sustainability in their designs and  workplace that fit the model. Adds Niranjan further, “The recognition shows that our ecotels  have in place a system to monitor, manage and continuously improve its environmental management system. The staff look for ways to implement new ideas and practice them to stay at the forefront of environmental stewardship.” ”[/quote]
Members of the Ecotel collection realize a number of benefits. Primarily, the value of business improves due to increased exposure in the market place, higher staff morale and better control of operating expenses. The Ecotel collection of hotels caters to a variety of groups including traditional eco-tourists, discerning business travelers and Fortune 500 companies with advanced environmental programs as part of their own corporate culture.
[box]The article was written by Elsie Gabriel. Elsie Gabriel is the Founder President of the Young Environmentalists Programme Trust . For more on the author visit her website[/box]