Jago India Movement (JIM), Hiranandani gardens residents welfare association, Jal Vayu Vihar Resident Welfare Association, AGNI, CITISPACE combined their efforts to bring about a meeting with Public Authorities on social causes. This meeting was held on 18th Jan 2011 at Lake castle society office.

The Officials who attended the meeting were the foll.

  1. Minister of State for Home: Mr. Naseem Khan
  2. District Collector : Mr. Nirmal Deshmukh
  3. Chief Engineering building proposals: Mr. Raut
  4. Senior PI Traffic: Mr. Nighlekar
  5. Senior PI powai police: Mr. Jadhav
  6. “S” ward Officer: Mr. Biradkar
  7. Hiranandani Representative: Mr. Reddy

The following issues were discussed

  1. Quarrying on the hill side
  2. Traffic issues within and surrounding the Hiranandani area
  3. Community Centre
  4. Playground for children
  5. And other relevant issues.

Watch the videos below