Meluha the Fern ecotel Powai to launch ‘CESKY by Christian Cilia’ mid March. by Elsie Gabriel. To describe him as merely an ‘Italian Chef’ leaves you with no sense of this contemporary chef. A super chef, a gourmet artist, a visionary, Christian Cilia possesses a passionate talent not often seen. His love of his culinary art is demonstrated in his stunning plating techniques and savored in his dishes that showcase simple yet exquisite ingredients. Christian brings his recipes, techniques and tips into Meluha the Fern ecotel, Hiranandani Gardens Powai. Come mid March and the hotel will see the launch of the new European restaurant ‘CESKY by Christian Cilia’.
 It is so good watching him supply the ‘know how’ and confidence to ‘home chefs’ at the new kitchen as he works to get the dishes off the plate one by one during the seven course meal all planned out with finesse.

christian cilia creation crispy pork

[box]Christian hails from Italy, a country steeped with a rich culinary history and schooled in Malta. Self taught Christian found working at international hubs like London, Dubai and Malta inspirational. Christian moved with the times, bowing to the demands of nouvelle cuisine. His cooking remained straightforward, with a distinctively elegant and innovative manner of presentation. When you savor his artistic presentations then you will know exactly what am talking about.[/box]

[quote]You have to try the Pan fried King Scallops and the crispy pork is to die for. Squid Ink Pasta with Sea Bass is outrageously satisfying. Of course his chocolates with gold dust on them ends the beautiful dinner with perfection! He uses ingredients to whip up works of art, where no ingredient is suffocated by another, but rather, blend together to produce a divine composite.[/quote]


chocolate desert

Explains Christian, [quote]“For me less is more. The taste and essence of the vegetables, fish and meats must come through with the least amount of accomplishments. The dish should not be overpowered with excessive ingredients. In simplicity there is the magic of food. I want to share my passion and knowledge about European culinary art…and that’s why I am happy to be here.”[/quote]

With an ability to inspire and an energy that’s contagious, who knows what’s next on the menu by Master Chef Christian Cilia…..…but rest assured it will be ‘top-notch’!