Mayor of Mumbai launches Powai Author Elsie Gabriel's environment education book Get Out Get Going Outdoors!

Mayor of Mumbai launches Powai Author Elsie Gabriel's environment education book Get Out Get Going Outdoors!

By Tanya Satish

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 It is the right season to simply get outdoors and discover biodiversity says Elsie Gabriel founder of Young Environmentalists NGO of Powai, who is a photographer, scuba diver, excellent cook, world travel writer and blogger, artist, environmentalist and now author. Elsie has authored an innovative book called Get Out Get Going Outdoors! The book was launched by the Mayor of Mumbai Sunil Prabhu who said, “This is a powerful teaching tool which should have been documented a long time ago. I can not imagine a more urgent environment call out. Elsie Gabriel’s appeal to become an intrinsic embodiment of nature from the inside rather than man looking at nature from the outside is well established.”

Get Out! Get Going! Outdoors!  by Elsie is aimed at reaching out to citizens, parents, students, young adults, educators, and  guides in schools, colleges and academic institutions, to enable them to know about  the value of environmental education and outdoor  environmental programmes which are fun and personality enhancing.

Supported by ten years of research as a certified Green teacher Elsie, who is also an post graduate in Mass Communications and gold distinction holder in Environment Law, has  immense experience in outdoor field trips which leads participants to explore and develop a keen bonding with elements of nature. The book protracts and catapults the fact that E.Q. [Environment Quotient]is  what can teach the next generation to invest in conservation for future benefits.

Also endorsing the outdoor educational book is the Governor of Maharashtra K.Sankaranarayanan who has complimented the author, “It is our collective responsibility to bequeath to the future generation a healthy planet and quality of life. The author deserves compliments for her interactive approach to environment education as also for her commitment to the cause.”

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 Australian ecology educator R.A.Parton has praised the book stating, “We have a wake up call for all of us to face up to a global catastrophe already gripping us in its misty fingers. The point of this manuscript is that unless we all get to understand the issues at stake and make our voices heard, the big polluters will not take the action needed.”.

The book demonstrates how interactive events and projects which inculcate proactive involvement from participants can actually build team spirit, resilience, stamina and enhance life science knowledge. The environmental book calls out to people to renew their faith in nature and the outside environment where a deep connection with nature is surely revived through its chapter on spiritual ecology. The aspect that environment is important and that when participants literally use their senses of touch, sight, smell and sound they become aware that it was the natural world that came into existence first. The natural world bore us and nurtured us and that we are an equal part of nature thus eliminating any thought that we are disconnected. The interactive book restores our faith in nature and that when we adults take our own children outdoors we not only care for our off springs but also care for the natural elements outside. Chapters on Dendrology, Unstructured play outdoors, Safety outdoors and How to write an environment or civic report outdoors will be found to be very valuable for students and parents alike.

Elsie maps out a learning journey that begins with alternative teaching strategies and structured activities which will connect students with both the natural and built worlds. Environmental responsibility and wisdom is handled with acute detailing and the book is a welcome source in today’s world. Please do contact her for your copy @ 9967347511.