Residents of Mayfair Sonata, a building on the Godrej-Hiranandani Link Road, learnt the hard way what happens if occupants protest against their developer. They lost their only source of water a day after they staged a silent protest against developer Nayan Shah  of Mayfair Housing at a property exhibition, where he had a stall. Residents of the three-year-old building at Powai protested on Sunday at a exhibition of Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (MCHI) at MMRDA Grounds in Bandra Kurla Complex. They claim they have to pay additional property tax as they have not yet been given an occupation certificate and they still don’t have a water connection, despite an agreement with the developer.


Reidents of Mayfair Sonata on the Godrej-Hiranandani Link Road

“We tried to tell visitors about our status, but were asked by the MCHI authorities to leave as it was their programme and not our developer’s,” said Varadrajan Anand, a resident of the society. On Monday, residents were shocked to see the developer retaliate. “The developer sent his men to remove the water pump from a borewell near our building. We were supposed to get the borewell dug in our premises as per the agreement, but the builder did not provide us with this”, said another resident, N L Negandhi. Residents rushed to the spot to stop the labourers from removing the borewell pump, but too late. “Now we don’t have a source of water. As it is, we spend Rs 1 lakh every month on water tankers,” said Renu Ahuja. Nayan Shah claimed the borewell was on the municipal road and not on his private land. “I closed the borewell, not because the residents protested, but because many people from the area were illegally drawing water from it. As for the pipeline, I have provided a proper connection but due to some technical problems residents are not getting water,” he said. He maintained that his project had an occupation certificate.

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