Matrika Pottery Studio is a boutique pottery studio located at Rajheja Vihar in Chandivali, Powai, Mumbai, and was started about a year ago by Disha Kapoor. She started Matrika after working for the corporate sector for almost 7 years. Disha started learning pottery as a hobby but very soon found the connect with the clay & earth so decided to turn this passion into a profession. She then quit her job and started teaching pottery and that was the beginning of Matrika Pottery Studio.

Matrika has several courses available starting from basic courses on Wheel Pottery and Hand Building to advanced courses for the same. She has also conducted several workshops ranging from summer workshops for kids, Eco-friendly Ganesha workshops and family bonding workshops. They have also done several corporate workshops, and one such workshop was on the occasion of Women’s Day early this year in SEBI, Mumbai.

Disha gets her students across all age groups ranging from 4-year-olds to 65-year-old senior citizens, housewives and working professionals. Pottery has a number of benefits for both kids and adults. Apart from being a great and different hobby, it gives you a calming effect by connecting you to the earth. It improves concentration power in kids and improves their motor skills as well. Outside India, many doctors believe and use pottery as a medium to treat depression and are called as the next Yoga! Disha’s belief is that one need not learn pottery only because of the health benefits it has to offer but it's a great engaging hobby which brings about creativity in children and adults.

Pottery Studio

Disha’s students have a lot of good things to say about Matrika Pottery Studio and are probably one of the best pottery classes in Mumbai and her reviews are a testimony to it.


One such review from an overseas client of her goes on to say –

“I wanted to do a creative activity with my 6-year-old during our vacation in Mumbai and we decided on pottery classes – luckily – and thus we ended up going to Disha who has so lovingly set up Matrika Pottery Studio. Matrika is an amazing environment for children and adults – truly an oasis of creativity in Maximum City! Our classes were really an indulgent pleasure that both my daughter and I looked forward to every day – Disha is so talented and creative, a joy to learn from and work with and clearly, an expert in working with clay. The classes were fantastic. My daughter had her first go at the wheel and simply adored hand-building and playing with the clay and she's been declaring to all who'll listen to her that she is going to be a potter forever! We both ended up with different and very attractive pieces of pottery (she with mermaids, wands, houses, Ganeshas etc. and me with some lovely exploratory pieces). Disha was patient with both of us and tailored our sessions beautifully to both keep us interested and challenged – she is remarkably patient and very generous in sharing her knowledge of her art and knows how to really have fun with it while teaching some great skills. We loved our time here and in the words of the 6-year-old – "we'll be back every year"! Thanks, Disha!”


Being a startup, Disha currently runs her studio out of my home at the moment but hopes to convert this into a full-fledged studio in the coming years.

You can reach out to Disha at +91-9983464716. You can also google “Matrika Pottery Studio Mumbai” or find them on Instagram with handle name as “matrikapottery