On 6th of April BMC “S” ward served a notice to the Maruti temple at A.S.Shankaracharya Marg. The notice reads that the temple has to move within 7 days of the notice or BMC would take the appropriate action.

In this battle of development verses tradition, again tradition has won. Sources say the stay order Notice is stuck to the wall at the entrance of the temple.

A question to people who think that the temple should be shifted.

Does the temple contribute to the traffic bottleneck?

As usual as per this Facebook thread below, there are conflicting opinions to the same. Why cant we have someone from IIT do a case study on this?

For believers who have been patronising the temple, I cannot reason out with them. I have at various times spoken to old timers of Powai, who say the Mandir existed long before anything else.


BMC has issued another notice to Mr Paranjpe for the maruti temple, below is the copy.