MANOJ Manoj Khatri describes himself as an eternal soul disguised as a writer, editor, marketing professional, son, brother, friend, counsellor, philosopher, entrepreneur, public speaker, social servant, wealth creator, reader, thinker, world citizen, and above all, a human being.

Here he talks about his experiences in Powai and offers some sugesstion to improve

  • How long have you been living in Powai? And why did you decide to make Powai as you home?

I have been living here since 2001. When I moved to Hiranandani Gardens it was much more serene and peaceful. There were no traffic woes of the kind we experience today. The place had a charm, a beauty that was not be found anywhere else in Mumbai. Even today, Powai is one of the most beautiful places o stay in. As and when the traffic situation improves, the area will regain some of its lost charm.

  • Can you share some of your experiences of living in Powai, right from the day you selected the property, till today? How has Powai changed in your opinion?

Powai has changed dramatically. There was time when I would feel the difference the moment I entered Powai – even the temperatures at night would usually be a couple of degrees lower than the rest of the city. Now, there is no difference. Pollution and continuous construction has brought Powai on par with the rest of the city. One of the reasons is that the greenery all around has been rapidly disappearing, giving way to tall concrete structures which trap the heat.

I have also noticed that traffic is so bad nowadays that during evening peak hours, one finds it very difficult to get public transport [auto, taxi or bus] making it very inconvenient to commute from Powai.

One the other hand, the growth in the recent years has also made Powai a convenient place to live in. Powai has the potential for becoming a world-class self-sufficient township.

  • What kind of extra amenities would you like, which are at present lacking in Powai?

I think Powai has almost everything that it needs. A world class hospital, schools and shopping centres, restaurants and so much more. In my opinion, we need nothing more than we already have. But we need traffic regulation which is extremely poor right now. May be we should consider one-way traffic on certain busy lanes.

  • What do you think is the biggest advantage of living in Powai ? And what to do you think is the single most disadvantage of living here in Powai?

The biggest advantage is Powai location. It’s centrally located and yet it’s surrounded by lakes and mountains.

Its biggest disadvantage is its over-commercialisation, which affects the quality of living to some extent.

  • Can you tell us something about yourself? MK 13-10-08 100_0047

I describe myself as an eternal soul disguised a writer, editor, marketing professional, son, brother, friend, counsellor, philosopher, entrepreneur, public speaker, social servant, wealth creator, reader, thinker, world citizen, and above all, a human being.

Academically, I am an MBA in Marketing from Mumbai University. I am also a certified counselor.

Professionally, I have always been in the media industry, having worked with top Indian companies such as The Times of India, Mid-Day and Zee Telefilms Ltd. Presently, I work with a British Multinational called Goldshield. I head the media business and also edit and publish Complete Wellbeing, a one-of-its-kind monthly magazine that promotes health and happiness.

As and when time permits, I engage myself in social service, primarily helping students understand their potential. I also mentor budding entrepreneurs.

  • What do you think about this initiative of ? Do you think you can contribute to this website and help get Powai connected?

I think it’s a fantastic initiative. Kudos to you for launching it. If marketed well, the site could become a potent vehicle to make Powai one of the most dynamic communities.

As and when required, I am ready to offer my help to keep the site vibrant and engaging…especially by contributing articles and features of human interest.

  • What would you like to see in – in terms of Content (what kind of articles, photographs, news stories, important info) and in terms of Design (Looks, colours, interactivity-ease of use)

I’d like to see emerge as a comprehensive site on Powai – it should be a platform for its people, of its people and by its people. In others words, I would like to know people of Powai, find liked-minded residents, learn about the various social activities that place in and around Powai, be updated on important events etc.

It could also play an important role in bringing news and information about election candidates for helping us make an informed choice

Design-wise, I would prefer uncluttered layouts. Use consistent fonts and colours…don’t use too many. Let is have a distinct identity… I would love to see a good logo too.