On October 18th Midnight Shambhunath Pradhan 36-year-old migrant labour raped a Noorie ( a dog who used to live in Galleria). Shambhunath Pradhan has confessed to the crime and admitted that he has been indulging in sexual activity with dogs and this is not the first time he has committed the act. This time he says, he couldn't remove the stick and he regrets the act.

My Reaction on hearing the news.

When I first heard the news on social media, I was wondering why is it called Rape? I mean why would someone be attracted towards another species. After talking to a couple of friends, I have learnt that this kind of behaviour is more common than believed. In this quora Q & A the writers have almost normalised the prefernce as long as the relationship fits the criteria of safety, willingness and age.

An Unpardonable act

Whatever moral conviction one has towards Zoophilia hurting a mute animal in such a brutal manner is an unforgivable offence.

Expert Opinion

I reached out to Dr. Sheba Singh a Psychologist based in Powai for her opinion. Quoting her below.

Scientific researches have indicated that people may indulge in this kind of sexual aberration because of their sexual preferences, attraction towards animals or reflection of control or power.  The person could also behave in this manner if there is no human partner available and is unable to delay gratification of their impulses.
These Sadistic bestial/zoophiles, that’s what they are called, derive sexual arousal by torturing animals.
Some countries take a harsh view of this abnormality and have stringent laws to safeguard animals.

Mental Health of Migrants

Mumbai city is full of migrants. Shambunath couldn't even speak Hindi, the Powai Police needed a translator to get his confession. It is a well-known fact that migrants to come to the big city get disoriented and feel a deep sense of disconnection with their roots. This kind of deep disconnection against the community-oriented lifestyle of smaller villages creates mental health issues.

It is always the migrant who commits the murder, crime and robbery. I feel it is the loss of community which translate to a loss of power. Migrants form a big chunk of city life. A deeper understanding of their psyche is rather urgent.

How do we ensure as a society that the migrants with mental health issues are helped in time before there is such a brutal act committed?


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