Warning: Only for the brave hearted!

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‘Madhu Mess’ used to be the buzz word amongst my class mates while I was at IIT Powai. All I knew that this place had some really good dirt cheap south-indian food and that the place was in some hole! I stayed away from this place for a long time till one day i had no choice. I was working through the night and my stomach was growling for some food at about 4:30 am. There was only one place that can feed you at that hour i.e the legendary MM. This was my chance to check it out.

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So, we land up in this sidey lane opposite the IIT (Ypoint) gate. My friend directs me to enter this really thin alley which ran along a poultry shop. Dude, that alley stunk like – i could puke that very moment! Anyways- you can hardly see a thing here. I bravely walked through the narrow lanes minding my head with the tin roofs jetting out from everywhere. Finally I see some light, hoards of students hanging out having an early morning snack. Powai has a lot of BPO centers so apart from IIT students you will notice quite a few call center employees hanging out after their shift.

So MM is just a tiny kitchen, there are about 2 men and lady ( i think she runs this place) . They have a long 8 seater table laid out inside the kitchen itself. Its feakin hot as hell in there but totally worth it. There are a couple of stools and a tiny table laid out in the open just outside the kitchen.

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Anyways, I called for a Anda Dosa (Egg Dosa) believe me guys, this dosa was out of the world! you can easily have a couple of them. The dosa lands straight in your plate from the tava fresh as hell! You’ll also get the best medhu vades and idlis out here. And of course not to mention the piping hot filter coffee!

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I was totally sold – i totally got over that stinky alley and started frequenting this place but for obvious reasons, it strictly remained my early morning snack joint, I never bothered going here for lunch or dinner- i had far better options!!

Don’t bother finding this place on your own – coz theres no way in hell you are going to find it. At that hour, keep a look out for groups for students and just follow them.

Link: Madhu Mess, Powai, Mumbai, Home Caterer on burrp! Mumbai.