When Mr Siddharth and Mrs Moli Das decided to move to Powai ten years back after having lived in Ghatkopar, it was an area that was developing at a fast pace and was an affordable option.Today the development in the area is such that it commands one of the highest prices in Mumbai. It has become one of the most sought after locations.

Mrs Moli Das, a Kathak dancer by profession says, “When we moved here Powai was developing and fit our budget perfectly. My daughter Oindrila was a student of Hiranandani Foundation School and travelling from Ghatkopar was difficult. So we chose this location and have in hindsight benefited immensely.”

As Mr Siddharth Das is a DGO (Geology) at ONGC they lived in the staff quarters at the ONGC colony in Ghatkopar. The major difference that they perceived was in the residents of both these locations. Mrs Moli says, “The environment there was a little different. The crowd was predominantly middle class while Powai over the years has attracted the rich and the famous”. Regarding the rates she says, “Property rates have skyrocketed in recent years and now it has become one of the costliest areas in Mumbai.”

Asked what she likes particularly about this area she said, “The lifestyle is better here. We do not miss anything in particular about Ghatkopar as all the facilities are within our reach in this area.” Personally too for Mrs Moli shifting to Powai has been a boon as being a professional Kathak dancer she runs her own dance academy and that has grown by leaps and bounds after she moved.

“There are a lot of students willing to learn dance here and I have got a tremendous response on the professional front,” she explains.

Nothing is perfect so there certainly are certain negatives to living in Powai too. Oindrila Das elaborates saying, “The traffic situation in Powai is very bad. The problem I face is during commuting. We do not have a railway station close by so when I have to travel to my college, D Y Patil at CBD Belapur, it takes me a long time. More often than not I get stuck in traffic. However most of the people living here have their own personal transport so it does not create a problem for most.”

The family has recently adopted its own pet, a Labrador puppy, whom they fondly call Rhini Das, the apple of Oindrila’s eyes. Oindrila happily adds that Powai has its own dog park where they can take Rhini for walks every evening. “This could not have been possible in any other locality. Rhini has loads of fun playing with the other dogs there and it’s a very happy atmosphere,” she says.

The family is perfectly settled in Powai now and they have no intention of moving elsewhere.

Source: By Disha Shetty. The Times of India Property section. Saturday 3 July, 2010.