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Address :  101 / 102 , 1st floor, Bhavani  Industries estate, IIT Market, opp IIT  Main gate, Powai, M-76

Telephone # +919930480135 and 919619170559

Email Address : litteangelspowai@gmail.com / info@littleangelsindia.co.in

Website : www.littleangelsindia.co.in

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  • Organised Curriculum
  • Kids Library
  • Field Trip
  • Home Made Food
  • Age appropriate Games
  • Fully Air Conditioned

Why Daycare and Activity Centre?

The love and caring of Parents cannot be replaced by anyone. But is it best to leave your children and your house at the disposal  of maids?

Will the Child left alone at home grow with learning or end up watching TV?

Instead try our services where we have ensured it will be a pleasant, homely and secure experience for your child to learn, play and share – something that is an important part of childhood. They will have regular activities and program as well as reviews from a Child Development Specialist.