Literati Training Private Limited is a Mumbai based company, incorporated as a Private Limited Company under the Company’s Act, 1956. Our trainings are developed by our team which is a unique blend of training professionals, and ex defence personnel who have given their youth to the service of the nation and are now set to be the trailblazers in the field of Training and Education. These programmes have incorporated core psychology based concepts, around which a number of innovative activities exercises and group tasks are designed, which foster and reinforce Critical thinking skills, strong Emotional quotient and tremendous Confidence to excel in the chosen professional area.

Our Offerings


Soft skills

For Corporate
We believe in training that can ensure ROI (Return on Investments) in the optimum manner for our clients. Our trainings are designed to inculcate the team spirit and encourage calm and collected attitude in the crisis situation that are faced in high pressure jobs like sales, marketing etc. The risk factor being high in terms of business, we have incorporated the concepts of working under pressure, delegating and follow up activities, managing maximum performance within limited resources and optimising the returns as well as ensuring job satisfaction. At the same time our trainings are interactive and fun. The presentation and facilitation of modules vary in depth and scope to suit the participants of a particular industry while keeping the essentials in focus.
For educational institutions
Our programmes deal with concepts like situational response, critical thinking, analytical reasoning, decision making, self awareness, team work, team management, stress management, positive thinking and personal transformation, communication, crisis management etc. These programmes can be conducted for any institution or organisation since they are customised as per the needs of the trainees.
Train the trainer
The Literati “Train the Trainer” program equips a trainer with the requisite skills to effectively deliver a training program and enhance his/her facilitation skills. It helps the participants develop an understanding of adult learning principles, to write effective learning objectives, to use a variety of activities effectively, and to handle all type of participants. When combined with presentation skills training, participants will benefit from individual coaching to improve their specific challenges as trainers and presenters. At the successful completion the programme the certificate is provided by Literati training.


Early childhood care course for aspiring teachers as well as Mothers (Classroom based/ Web based)

NURTURE is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and attitude that are required to
deal with the tiny tots. It is a certification programme. It imparts the essential theoretical
knowledge and its practical application in the actual preschool environment. The course
aims to integrate the latest concepts of early childhood with the practical knowhow that is
important to carry out age appropriate child- friendly fun activities in the classrooms as well
as homes.
The course can be completed at one’s own pace within six months or a lesser period of time,
from the day of enrolment.
Workshops for teachers- We conduct workshops for serving teachers as well dealing
with topics like , Learning Styles, and Multiple Intelligence, Learning Intervention
Strategies, Instructional Styles, Classroom Management, Child Psychology, how to
teach maths/science/language etc.
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