Lighthouse is the brainchild of art enthusiast and educationist Sharmila Chaudhuri, who started this resource centre in Powai after several years of experience in children¹s art education both in India and abroad. This centre aims towards the holistic development of children.

Lighthouse offers young learners a chance to play with words and pictures, connect with varied subjects and diverse cultures, and release the creative spirit that lies within each one of them ­ all this by way of creative art and craft workshops, pottery classes , children’s book library, book club, chess classes and many more workshops for children aged 3 ­ 10 years.


[quote]”Art is an extension of our creativity, and we at Lighthouse believe that this creativity needs to be nurtured and cultivated to help in the overall development of young minds. Art is used not only as an end, but as a medium to reach an end”, says Sharmila.[/quote]

Lighthouse’s Young Artist and Discover Art workshops focus on the visual arts. It is an enriching session including art history and art appreciation, as well as lessons in new techniques of painting and mixed media. Children are introduced to the works of master artists ­ such as Van Gogh , Picasso, Rembrandt, Pollock and many more. The workshops are highly interactive and are conducted in small groups to maximize individual attention.

English enhancement classes There is more to English than phonetics! Enhance their language skills. Imbibe the love for English through stories, worksheets, theatre activities, word games!.  The English enhancement classes with dollops of fun has been designed for children 6 – 10 years in order to enhance language skills among youngsters and also to instill the habit of reading among them. Lighthouse has a lending library for children with books carefully picked by educationist for children aged 3- 12 years.

The Lighthouse activity centre also offers a range of hobby workshops ­ Pottery ,Chess , art workshops for children and adults .They also organize art themed birthday parties. Lighthouse also has its in-house brand of products, which are an aesthetic mix of art and science. Make-it-yourself art and craft kits  like ŒSun ­catcher ­ Art¹, ŒMake your own Masterpiece¹, ŒCreate your own Warli Painting¹are scientifically thought out products that help to improve various skills and functions from hand-eye coordination to problem solving skills frombetter reflexes to colour and shape recognition.

Last but not the least, Lighthouse has partnered with various corporates to conduct a series of customised training programmes aiming at improving lateral thinking skills, stress management and developing different life skills.

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We are located in 314 Powai Plaza, Hiranadani Gardens, Powai. We also run our program in Vikhroli, Bandra and Poonam Nagar.

Call: 9833985898 / 30163599

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