LiftO – The Launch of A Phenomenon

LiftO – The Launch of A Phenomenon

 LiftO – India’s  first premium ridesharing app will be launching the pilot phase of its operations on  7th Sep exclusively for residents and professionals of Powai and nearby areas. With an aim to completely revolutionize the existing carpooling structure, this state-of-the-art mobile app’s robust route matching algorithm ensures that lift givers do not have to detour or wait for a fellow lift taker.

LiftO is designed specifically with the working professional in mind. In the initial stages, the developers have focused on regular office commuters travelling to and from Powai and areas like BKC, Lower Parel, Nariman Point, and other western suburbs. it is very important to address the concerns of this class of people.

Because it is a peer-to-peer platform, the functional success of an app like LiftO depends on the number of regular users. More the users, the better are the chances of finding matching lift givers or takers. After their pilot launch in Powai and within the next six months, the company plans to make its services available all over Mumbai.

We are all aware of the benefits of ridesharing. Carpooling allows you to travel at half the cost and at the same level of  comfort and convenience while reducing traffic and pollution. However, the primary resistance to adopting this arrangement has been hassles involved in coordination, waiting, and awkward exchanges (conversation, money, etc.). LiftO’s complex and advanced algorithm can match a lift giver and taker at lightning speeds. And a  world-class user interface allows you to seamlessly offer a lift or take a lift – any time, any place, in any vehicle.  The app allows you to choose who you share a ride with as well. The developers claim that lift givers would be provided with respective matching lift takers on their route without them having to take detours or waste time. Lift takers would be able to book a shared ride in a way similar to booking any other app-based taxi operators.

The other reason why carpooling has not climbed in popularity, despite of severely congested roads, has been security. People hesitate to share a cab with a stranger, even more so to let them into their car. No amount of background checks can stop a person with criminal intent. (Didn’t that Uber driver have his background checked? ) LiftO tackles this problem with its unique LinkedIn based registration. Not only that, if someone does not have 100 LinkedIn connections, the person would have to upload snapshot of his/her company ID card.

02Users can see detailed professional profiles, common connections, and user ratings before requesting for a lift or accepting a lift request. LiftO developers believe in concept of “Familiarity begets Security”. They say, “A riding partner would fear for loss of his/her reputation before misbehaving with a fellow rider. If they are connected or share connections with other professionals on a social platform, the fear of loss of reputation is a much stronger deterrent than any background check.”

Full of innovative goodness, the pricing for shared rides is another great reason to use LiftO. The developers want to sufficiently incentivized people driving to work to offer a lift. However, the pricing should not come at the cost of lift takers. Accordingly, LiftO has a pre-fixed ridesharing cost, based on the core philosophy that a lift giver and taker should split the cost of traveling almost equally. Depending on the class of car, the cost of sharing a ride would vary. So, for a non-AC cab, the cost is Rs. 7/Km, for AC mini cabs, the cost of Rs. 7.5/Km, for AC sedan cabs, the cost of Rs. 8.5/Km. For own cars, LiftO has prescribed fare of Rs. 8/Km, which is mid-way between that of AC mini cab and AC sedan cab.

People will argue that a lot taxis are available at Rs. 8/Km for full private booking. The developers of LiftO retort to this point, saying, “If you consider base fares & median peak hour charges, an AC mini cab would cost ~Rs. 15 km and a AC sedan cab would cost ~Rs. 17/Km. LiftO rates take into account a median fare of these AC cabs. On some trips a lift giver could benefit a bit and on some trips a lift taker would benefit a bit. However, the long-term average cost would be a 50:50 split between a lift giver and taker.

03Owning a private car comes at a cost, and LiftO compensates lift givers not only for the fuel cost but also for the cost of ownership cost, depreciation, maintenance and insurance.

Moreover, LiftO has tied-up with Paytm to provide hassle free cashless transaction to its users. Smart GPS tracking would automatically  calculates the distance of the shared ride and once the lift taker has ended the ride. They then have to simply hit the “Ok” button on their Paytm page to complete the transaction. The applicable amount is transferred to the Lift Giver’s Paytm account at the end of ride.

How to use the app:

Lift Givers: Simply choose your end location on the map and select your start time… swoosh you are now live on the system! And in a few minutes LiftO will find you a matching lift taker to share your ride. You will be able to see a detailed profile of the lift taker, the pickup time, and pickup point – even before you start your journey. Once you accept the lift taker’s request, don’t forget to click on “Start Ride” button on the LiftO app after you meet your riding partner at the pickup point.

Lift Takers: Just choose your end location on the map and you will be presented with various vehicle options (AC cab, non-AC cab, auto, etc.) with respective wait times. Choose one of them and you would see the LinkedIn profile of the person offering the lift along with a pickup location. Once you find a suitable lift giver, send them a request and get ready for a fun-filled shared office commute with a fellow professional.

LiftO represents a paradigm shift in the concept of carpooling and has the potential to attract millions of people on to the platform. Download LiftO, use it daily and ask your friends to do the same. Starting with Powai, LiftO can make traffic congestions a thing of the past and the city a better place to live.

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