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We need to come together and what better site than the Boys Scout Lake on ADS Marg area itself to see for oneself the work-in-progress at the Powai Lake for its revival and beautification! Time – Sunday 27th January at 5pm.

“If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to sleep in a room with a mosquito” – Author unknown.

By: Elsie Gabriel

Powai – 27 January 08 : Thinking about what the Powai Lake is up to? Perhaps you recently heard someone say, "We need to know more about the lake-beautification and management plan! Where will the silt be dumped? What about the debris filling on the boy scout area? I wonder what the size of the Lake is now. Will the bund method being used as a means to de-silt lake, also be used to clean the whole area of the lake? What will happen to the natural surroundings, trees, birds, crocodiles and fish?" One’s responses may include- Why bother? What for? What is it? Let what is going on -carry on, who cares?

There is no doubt that the Powai Lake is seeing hectic de-silting and beautification which is being done in all honesty for the benefit of the Lake itself. Of course it has been a big effort on the part of the Government. And of course lake beautification and it’s planning has benefits, but before a lake authority embarks on a planning effort, there are important questions to be answered. With a clear understanding of why and what is planned?

The relationship and association of the concerned Powai citizens and the Powai Lake is really quite deep for many. Without questions being answered, ongoing beautification and cleaning efforts all seem one sided though! We, the locals today need to be informed participants with clear expectations and an understanding of the process which are keys to successful outcomes.

A ‘Powai Lake Monitoring Program’ can be formed by all concerned citizens who have been silently yet deeply following the on goings of the size, environment, eco-diversity, habitat, de-silting and pollution of the Lake; not forgetting the traffic jams also associated with the roadside near the Lake!

A waterbody is a place where public and private rights meet. The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 can be effectively used to phase out certain unsound practices and ensure safeguards for threatened wetlands. Partnership works best; assists and educates people who have questions.

The monitoring committee can discuss and have an indepth information of the aspects of the Powai lake ecosystem including water quality, cleaning and wildlife, lake borders and catchment area’s, recreational use and others as opposed to a narrow view of just one element or "problem" alone. This can be done with a proactive approach and interaction with the respective government body’s in-charge continuously. Ideally, in the plan these elements are considered in detail and have goals and associated strategies, priorities, schedules and assessment reports which are shared to guide implementation of projects to protect and improve the whole lake.

That’s a tall order! But to get to a comprehensive know how in the middle of work already half begun will take time. Ultimately each one concerned simply wants to know what is happening to a major NATURAL landmark of Powai which is the Powai Lake! Several concerned active citizens have taken several concrete steps to communicate with authorities about the lake but sometimes to no avail. So, we need to come together and what better site than the Boys Scout Lake area itself to see for oneself the on going work of the Powai Lake revival and beautification! Time – Sunday 27th January at 5pm.