Is there a difference between Leaders and doers? Some are both some are none!

Most of us are None.

Everyday in Powai ( and everywhere else in our city); we see rules getting broken. No one seems to care! Is that why they are broken? No one watching.

It is hellish to enter inside hiranandani complex between 6-9PM, specially if you are driving a car. I see it closely everyday, weather i am driving or walking-by. So many ( of us??) will just go on into the wrong direction and end up blocking the complete (tiny) road!!

Its everyday phenomenon!

I know a certain uncle in JVV , who would inadvertently come off his jog and manages, the (well?) educated residents and literally join hands to ask them to drive in their own lanes!

Somehow, we dont seem to learn.!

I take this opportunity of writing on this web-portal an idea to undertake a drive for the next 30 days. Let us all, who own a camera ( digital or on a cell-phone) submit pictures of people with their car number-plates (or faces) breaking law and Foolishly driving into wrong lanes.

Let us make this public. I am sure Manoj and many like us are well linked with planet-Powai, other news media like radio etc. to make this event stronger ( and maybe spread this idea with greater force throughout our city later.

I am confident that we will realize, when our photographs come in public domain!

What are your views?



You can reach abhishek at