A 21-year-old management student was attacked by three men on the skywalk near Panchkutir in Powai on Wednesday. The incident occurred at around 8.30pm when the victim Aniruddha Sawant was returning to his IIT-Powai quarters after buying groceries from a neighbourhood shop.

Non-Cognizable complaint registered

Minutes after the failed robbery attempt, injured Sawant rushed to Powai police station where a non-cognizable (NC) was registered under section of the Indian Penal Code (voluntarily causing hurt) and 504 (intentional insult). However, the cops should have registered an FIR in such serious offence where the victim suffered injuries and robbery attempt was made on him.

Despite shaken after the incident, the next day Sawant went to college to complete the college admission procedures for first-year law. Sawant, whose father is employed in IIT-Powai administration department, has been staying in Powai since last 15 years and never have come across or met such kind of incident. “For the first time I felt down when three men overpowered me on Wednesday night on the pinch dark skywalk and tried to rob my belongings after punching on my face. Few passerby, on the skywalk just kept watching and walked away despite I screamed for help,” a shocked Sawant recounts the incident to Powai.info news portal.

Poor Lighting on the Skywalk

The incident occurred after Sawant tweeted complaint to Mumbai Police on September 15 asking to alert the BMC to resolve the poor lighting on the skywalk that can lead to something serious one day. “Two men overpowered me while the third was punching me when I did not allow them to rob cash and mobile. They fled away leaving me alone when three of my friends, inside the IIT campus building close to the skywalk, on hearing my scream rushed for my help. Today the gang came unarmed their confidence will boost and there could be possibility someone getting stabbed during the robbery,” said Sawant.

The incident lasted for 10 minutes before Sawant’s friends rushed out of the IIT campus to help him.

“The gang seems to be from Powai locality with North Indian dialect. They were under the influence of some drugs or was drunk. I also learnt while in the police station that an elderly man and one more person was robbed on another skywalk near Powai Vihar (which is few distance away from Panchkutir in Powai). I had even tweeted to the Mumbai police some two weeks ago alerting about poor lighting on the skywalk. They retweeted claiming that they have informed the BMC Control room however nothing was done,” he said.

Powai police senior inspector Anil Pophale said that he will look in the matter before giving comments.