Link: Lake View Café, Powai, Mumbai, Restaurant on burrp! Mumbai.

After having been a total loyalist to their Chinese outlet I was amazingly disappointed by the café.

After having racked our brains to the hilt we decided to go to this Sunday brunch. Inspite of making reservation we were surprised to see that the person who had taken the request had forgotten to write it down. Well. We were given another table. So far so good.

The brunch had three types
Only food for 1000/- per person inclusive of taxes
Food and vodka based cocktails for 1200/- per person inclusive of taxes
Food and sparkling wine for 1000/- per person inclusive of taxes

We opted for the second one. And to our relief the bartender was the best I have ever met. A friendly person, quick to understand the needs and come up with excellent solutions. I am not a big cocktail buff but he had me hooked to this Spanish cocktail called Bronze. Smooth and potent.

The food was a major source of disappointment. The salads were sorry, the cold cuts were good but very few choices and they served caviar with a steel spoon, now need I say more?

The main course was equally depressing. The pasta with bolognaise sauce took over 20 minutes to be served and trust me I could only eat a forkful… so insipid. The roast lamb with peanut and cous cous was ok and the roasted pork with apricot was downright sorry. The only edible item was the chicken biryani.

The only silver lining to the food were the roast turkey (with a terrible cranberry sauce and a very good horse radish sauce) and the roast beef (with the brilliant brown sauce).

As for desserts they were trying some modified version of the Crêpe Suzette, but the crêpe was a tad too thick making it insipid. The chocolate walnut cake pieces with the flowing hot chocolate were good and the fresh fruit cake awesome.

Service 10 on 10 (it being sunday brunch the atmosphere was casual yet courteous.)
Food: 6 on 10
Bar: 10 on 10