Lake View Café, Powai, Mumbai, Restaurant on burrp! Mumbai

Link: Lake View Café, Powai, Mumbai, Restaurant on burrp! Mumbai.

big place……properly -lit, thoughtful seating, comfortable chairs, full glass wall overlooking the Powai lake…quite makes u conjure up an image of a great 5 star rated coffee shop……eager to serve u delectable food through the night??….well its just quite not!!….the denting factor in this whole fairy tale is the worthlessness of their food….and by worthlessness, i mean the sheer inattentiveness that has gone into making the food items or even designing the menu!

What I just fail to understand is the fact that when the restaurant next door (Nawab Saheb) dishes out one great menu after another with impeccable flavours and taste, how come a diametrically opposite and contrasting attitude is reflected in this place?

We prodded this place just an hour after midnight scavenging for some starters and more.

For drinks, we placed an order for watermelon juice. Priced at Rs. 125/-, it was served straight from the juicer, I believe with no hint or effort of cooling the drink.

For solids, we had:
1) french fries (Rs. 90/-) which were strictly okay, (can’t go wrong there, eh??…show me the wrong here…haha)
2) buffalo wings (no no no…..they were chicken wings actually, …in some tomato-ey zingy sour tasting sticky sauce) with blue cheese.
3) herbed mushroom for Rs. 130/- (an assortment of pungent mushrooms in all sizes and flavours….i think that was their way of telling me to FO…who the hell you think you are to disturb us and our chefs at 1 in the nite?)

All in all, a worthless night out, a beauty of a locale wasted away to callous uncaring management, and luring people under the guise of its other brilliant restaurants.