Kyunki Shaukk ek badi cheez hai

Have you ever thought of pursuing your interests but dropped the idea because you didn’t have a bunch of like-minded friends to enjoy your interests with or because you didn’t know interesting activities near you?

In fact, this is exactly what puzzled Aseem Khare over a year ago and thus Shaukk  was born! Though crazy about football and singing, he never found company for either.. So, he knew where to begin.. Soon enough, Shaukk was born.

So what exactly is Shaukk? Hyper local in nature, It connects you to people – known and unknown in your locality and defines an interest community for you.

Powai Music Lovers , Foodies @ Powai, Powai Footballers, Powai Dance Group… the list goes on

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Shaukk brings to each one an opportunity to give your passion a chance. It’s simple really! Register on Shaukk  and get started.

One can plan fun, interesting stuff and share with friends. When feeling can simply join others in their plan or just interact with others too. Shaukk also gives you a chance to create hyper-local groups for your own interests such as Powai Cricketers or Powai Photography! And above all, Shaukk promises a unique social experience where it respects quality and everyone’s privacy.


Aseem and his talented team of IITians and Stephanians have already opened the Pandora’s Box and out came –  the support for blood donation drive done in collaboration with Minoo Mantri of Think Beyond, Salsa workshops, Football Leagues & matches, Music jamming sessions, Comedy Nights, Rappelling trips, Cards Fest and what not! Shaukk’s partners in its endeavors are Think Beyond, Out of the Blue, Animus 2.0, Mumbai Travellers, Roshan Taneja Acting School, White Peacock Dance Studio, KICK and many more…

What next? These guys at Shaukk never rest! For a fun laden experience that accompany you everywhere.. an Android app is on its way to final release.. Discounts and offers are all over the place for active users…And what differentiates them from all the others is – they have a heart! First of its kinds..all the groups on Shaukk are strictly for non-commercial, not for profit fun-filled activities among the like-minded.

Shaukk is truly redefining happiness that starts online and takes you interestingly offline. So, enjoy, pursue and develop your “Shaukk” by bringing the community together.


How do you get started? Log on to

or Contact to know more



Activities coming up on Shaukk –

Powai Footballers are playing the Powai Football League at KICK

Powai Cyclers  are planning a weekend cycling trip to Alibaug

Powai Dance group  is looking forward to some salsa enthusiasts to start over informal sessions