Gloria Jeans was a coffeeshop and though it had become old and run down, it was a favorite hangout of Powai-ites, not withstanding the much hippier and cooler starbucks coming nearby. Unfortunately Gloria Jeans has exited the country, the precise reason is not known. With other coffeeshop Costa also out of Powai, we Powai-ites have very few places to sit and share a few conversations. Starbucks also has apparently turned into a coffee factory.

Krispy Kreme is a much smaller place as the Donuts are manufactured inside the premises, which takes up considerable place. From the looks of it, the idea is to sell as many donuts as possible. I wish somebody would also consider that people also need to have sitting places, but like who cares. Here are some pictures of the Krispy Kreme which opened today at central avenue.

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