Shiv Sena, a political party that needs no recognition is introducing its new candidate this election season – Dr Snehal Deepak Mande, in the field of clinical research for for 9 years and the owner of Nurture Healthcare, Snehal Deepak Mande is a qualified doctor residing in Powai, Mumbai. A doting mother of two, she is married to Mr Deepak Bahiru Mande, a government contractor at PWD. She has given her heart and soul to each and every endeavour of life that she has taken up. Coming from a non-political background this her first ever step into the political world. Dr Snehal Mande is a strong headed woman and a veteran social worker.

A list of some notable work done by Dr Snehal Mande, to name a few she has

  • Worked with rural female’s on educating them on menstrual hygiene and providing them with sanitary pads.
  • Worked with rural children to educate them on malnutrition.
  • Conducted sessions in school in towns for adolescent girls on puberty, menstrual hygiene and provide them with sanitary pads.
  • Donate pads to NGO’s (Maitri foundation, Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust, Saraswati Foundation etc.)
  • Conducted free diabetes camp in her clinic.
  • Conducted children’s day camp in Powai and educated them on mal-nutrition, hand washing techniques, teeth brushing techniques.
  • Camps on sanitation on World Toilet Day.
  • Promoted Women empowerment by working with SHG in providing employment though her organisation.
  • Worked with rural schools in developing digital classroom
  • Helped in resolving domestic violence cases.


With an aim and objective to serve people and work for their betterment, Mande wants to bring about a significant change in the way people live. She quotes, “I want to serve people and work towards providing their basic rights including safe & clean drinking water, electricity, and sanitation. I aim at providing good health care facilities to the under privileged along with quality education for their upliftment and empowerment. I am already working in the field of menstrual hygiene an with politics I can this ahead and spread awareness on this neglected issue. I want to work towards Cessation i.e Vyasan Mukti as it adversely affecting our youth and nation.”

A little bit though, now you know you candidate. Take your decision wisely. remember every vote counts.

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