From being unable to walk even ten steps in 2014, today 70-year-old Mrs Kamla S easily walks for half an hour at a stretch. She says that she owes this to the successful knee replacement surgery that she underwent with Mullaji Knee Clinic.

“My knees had been giving me trouble since the past two to three years. There was pain and swelling for which I used to take painkillers and get temporary relief. But in 2014, the pain grew to such an extent that even painkillers were of no help. My right knee was worse than the left and I was suffering so badly that walking even ten steps seemed like a task to me. Seeing my condition, my son decided that it is time to consult an expert. He started researching and looking for a good specialist who can help me and that‘s when we came across Dr Arun Mullaji’s name and decided to approach him. I am glad that he took this decision. Not only I am relieved of my knee pain but also in a position to say that a knee replacement surgery, if done in the right way by an expert like Dr Mullaji, can transform lives,” said this resident of Powai.

Knee replacement surgery helps you to reclaim an active life by getting rid of your pain, increasing your mobility and restoring your flexibility. Doctors generally advise a knee replacement surgery when there is no cartilage between the bones due to arthritis, leading to pain, difficulty in walking or climbing stairs, getting up from a sitting position and when there has been little or no relief from painkillers, medicines and physiotherapy. At Mullaji Knee Clinic, they advise knee replacement only when they cannot offer early intervention procedures like knee preservation and knee resurfacing.

But like many, Mrs Singh too had apprehensions about knee replacement.

“I was told by several people that such surgeries could fail and may lead to problems in the future and I was worried. But my son was optimistic. Also, the doctors at Mullaji Knee Clinic gave us a clear picture of their advanced techniques, which assure success. We also spoke to patients who had undergone knee replacements at Mullaji Knee Clinic and they gave a very positive feedback. It was then that we went ahead with surgery on both knees at the same time with the full confidence of it being successful,” said Mrs Singh.

And Mrs Singh’s confidence did pay off! After being discharged within three days of undergoing the surgery on both knees in April 2014, today, she is walking without any support. “My life has changed for good,” said Mrs Singh.

It is known that this surgery has high success rates if done using the right techniques and implants. The use of poor surgical techniques, inferior implants and compromises in hospital environment may lead one to require a “revision” which involves undergoing the surgery again and incurring additional costs that can be much higher than the cost of the original surgery.

A correctly performed knee replacement surgery will last for 15-20 years and has a survival rate of over 95%. After surgery people can resume activities such as walking and driving. Many patients have returned to sporting activities like swimming, badminton and cycling.

About Mullaji Knee Clinic:

Mullaji Knee Clinic is Mumbai’s largest chain of specialized knee clinics having centers at Kemps Corner, Khar, Powai and Ghatkopar. Over the last 20 years, the team at Mullaji Knee Clinic led by Dr Arun Mullaji, renowned Knee Surgeon, has played a pivotal role in developing innovative techniques and implants that have raised the standards of knee care not only in India but also around the world. He is an author of a book on knee replacement, and nearly 100 scientific papers and chapters in books. He has trained surgeons not only from around India but also from around the world. Using the most advanced techniques and implants, this team has helped treat over 10,000 patients successfully.

Dr Gautam Shetty, Consultant Knee Surgeon at Mullaji Knee Clinic, Powai has been an integral part of over 2500 knee surgeries and has helped thousands of patients to return to an active life. He has trained overseas and has participated actively in surgeries at Breach Candy and Hinduja Hospitals. He has a keen interest in research, especially on advanced techniques to help patients recover quickly and painlessly after knee replacement, which has resulted in over 60 publications and has co-authored a book on knee replacement. He is the co-founder of the Indian Orthopedic Research Group (IORG) and the Deputy Editor of Arthropaedia, a scientific journal dedicated to arthritis and its management.

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