Kid Friendly Restaurants in Powai for Powai Parents

Kid Friendly Restaurants in Powai for Powai Parents

Parenthood changes our lives in many ways. If as a couple you loved dining out then you know how bad it can get with a child along. You can be treated as an outcast by many of your favourite restaurants. We at Powai Info have curated a list of Kid Friendly Restaurants in Powai for you that offer kid-friendly food and environment.

Take this typical scenario-

Your family walks into the restaurant where you are greeted by the hostess who throws the weirdest smile you have seen. With a smile you ask for a table for two and the little one and there you are looked at as if you have asked for something forbidden! looking at each other you check if you are appropriately dressed for the place and just then a man in black coat approaches and tells you that they don't allow kids in the restaurant!

Here is our list of Kid Friendly Restaurants in Powai

1. Pizza Express

This is a spacious restaurant centrally located in Powai. It serves great thin crust Pizzas and variety of Italian food. The restaurant has friendly staff, a menu for kids and also provides activity sheets to engage the kids. Consider visiting this place during a weekday or early in the evening on a weekend as they are mostly full on the weekends.

2. Chili’s American Grill and Bar

One of the first few places where we went with our infant. The Restaurant offers you a casual dining experience. Bright Ambience, friendly waiting staff attending to you and your little one. The restaurant has enough space between the aisles are all the things you would want in a place you go to with your little ones. The restaurant has a kid’s menu that is reasonably priced and that also becomes the activity sheet that your kids can colour and play on.

3. Sigree Global Grill

Great food, but certainly not a great place for vegetarians. If you are a non-vegetarian with good appetite then you will enjoy the variety this place offers. The live kitchen and expansive buffet all at a reasonable sum will have you coming here more than once. It is a family restaurant where kids are most welcomed.

4. Mirchi and Mime

Restaurant serving Indian food with a twist. The food is their USP along with the speech and hearing impaired, extremely courteous and attentive staff. There is no separate menu for kids but kids are attended to well in the restaurant. Book days in advance, avoid weekends and you’ll be happy to get table of your preference.

5. Soda Bottle Opener Wala

A trip back in time with an ambiance that of old Mumbai Irani cafes that are now almost extinct. The restaurant offers a great variety of comfort food. The space could be a little cramped for kids to move around, but food and service make it worth a visit. Weekends are usually packed, so do plan in advance.

6. LePain Quotidien

A casual dining restaurant in the heart of Hiranandani Gardens, offers quiet amidst hustling Hirandani crossroads along with delectable continental food. The staff is friendly and the food can be customised for kids. What my kid loved the most here was the big windows through which he could enjoy the easy glance at the passing vehicles.

Kid Friendly Restaurants in Powai