Everyday, hundreds of people in Mumbai require blood for a transfusion, a surgery or some medical procedure. The blood requirement of Mumbai city is 240,000 units per year. Currently, 82% of the total requirement is met through voluntary blood donation. Voluntary blood donation motivated solely by humanitarian considerations is undoubtedly the safest and most effective way of providing blood of assured quality. We at Mood Indigo believe that youth has the potential to fulfill the blood requirements of not only our city, but of our entire country. Hence, Mood Indigo has taken the initiative to motivate others to donate blood. We will be coming to your college in the 2nd week of December. Make sure you are there. If you miss it, be there to donate blood during the four days of Mood Indigo. Fulfill your duty towards your country, towards humanity. But we do not want you to sit at home and wait for a call to “come and donate blood please”. No, that’s not what we want.


When the need arises you have to run from pillar-to-post because there are more blood seekers than donors. For this reason, we at Mood Indigo aim at inviting eligible people to come forward for this noble cause. Few drops of your blood could bring smile on many faces. The gift of blood is the gift of life. There is no substitute for human blood.

For info check out http://www.moodi.org/khoonchala/