KFC Hiranandani, Powai- Oil on Canvas Board 30 x 40 cms by Kasturi Borkotoki

Off Art? KFC – Oil on Canvas Board 30 x 40 cms

Output of an early sunday morning exercise. KFC Hiranandani, Powai. Done on the spot. I painted from the opposite street, and luckily found a ready made easel for me , in the form of an ornate pillar, so much a part of the Grecian architechture there!I could easily spread my oils, paints and rags and paint luxuriously. My painting group consisted of 2 youngsters this time and a painting enthusiast/ fan(!!!) , who isnt yet a painter but is fast converting into one!

Just when I thought I was off art ( previous post), I fell headlong into art all over again and have been painting like a maverick all through the week!  Well..thats what art is about..spontaneity!

Preparations for this one and half hour event:

Negotiated by daughter for an early morning reluctant swim ( on my part) on saturday, so as to consent to come painting with me on sunday.

Convincing other youngsters over the week for this event

Bunking a lazy sunday morning in place of hurry scurry, paint stuff packing and driving down!

Well the results were sweet.

I worked very fast today. I have got a pretty good hang of Plein air now.


People in Mumbai are early risers!

Curiosity level of people towards plein air painters is high!

Crowd gathering is a constant, whatever time of the day you may be painting!

The Painting and the article is done by Powai based Kasturi Borkotoki. she blogs at http://kasturiscanvas.blogspot.com/