By Elsie Gabriel.

Karan, Rahul and Seema Sharma of Lake Homes Powai after much research have launched the La Rive perfumes, putting Powai and Mumbai on the map of the fragrance world.

la rive launchThe Perfume is light and sweet, it is a sensational exploration of the perfume with more some complex compositions appearing when worn on skin. Karan Sharma did his MBA from London only to come back to give back to the Indian market what his parents had taught him. So no brain drain and that requires our salute!

The floral theme is obvious Light, floral fragrance for modern women and sensual. Top notes Citrus fruit, peony heart notes Osmanthus, rose and fruity notes base note Sandalwood, patchouli,. The bottles however all show a dedication to the feminine thematic looking like they could match a particularly beautiful body.

Biogen Exports Pvt Ltd plans to enter the Indian grooming market, estimated to be Rs. 3800 crores, with the launch of “LA RIVE”, a fragrance from Poland and a leading brand in the European perfume market. The objective is to provide the consumers with world class products that enrich their life.

‘LA RIVE’ range established in 2003, comprises wide range of herbal and oil based fragrances that are loved by customers of all age groups for the value for money proposition that it provides. These have been segmented to cater to the requirements of the `Luxury’ seeking; `Comfort’ seeking or `On a budget’ seeking customer.

The aims is in spreading the interest of grooming beyond the specialized audiences to the mass, as creating a lifestyle, also improves one’s outlook towards life. Biogen Exports Pvt Ltd is confident that this brand will be able to make a mark in India and will attract the discerning middle class, in the Indian fragrance market expected to reach Rs. 5000 crore by 2015.

Rahul Sharma, Managing Director, Biogen Exports Pvt Ltd said “We are launching a ‘LA RIVE’ range to suit the taste and preferences across a spectrum of customers.  The Indian consumer can now avail of International Quality fragrances that keeps in mind the local Trends, Traditions and Tastes. The strategic marketing activities and specialization in specific sectors, enables us to meet the requirements of our customers in different market.”

Karan Sharma, Director Administration Marketing, said “Biogen Exports Pvt Ltd plans to invest Rs 5 crore in the Indian market and $50million in international market over the next Two years, for ‘LA RIVE’ and other brands related to cosmetics from the European market.  The company will conduct systematic marketing programme focusing on multi-channel promotions to bring about an awareness of ‘LA RIVE’, the benefits to effectively reach the target audiences”.