Sunita K. Bhuyan, a well known violinist who lives in Powai, released her first album ‘Bihu Strings’ with live performance at Nehru center in Worli, Mumbai. Kalpana Lazmi came along with her mother Lalita Lazmi to release the album and to watch the performance.

The album is released by Times Music. Gauri from Times Music also came with her family. Other guests were Brinda Chudasma Miller, Smita Dandekar, Bhavna Joshi, Kasturi Borkotoki, Suman and Poonam Salecha. The auditorium was full and everyone loved the beautiful performance by Sunita.
Speaking to GLAMGOLD Sunita told, “It is blessing for me as I do not have struggle. I got music in heredity from my Mother. I believe God is there in music.”

“All the music has seven notes whether it is classical, jazz, item number any type of music. So none of the music type is bad. For today’s generation we have to go to them with our classical music,” she adds.

In her beautiful speech Kalpana Lazmi told, “I am not a music person but I think I have been called for my Late companion Bhupen Hazarika. I congratulate Times Music for doing wonderful job by appreciating and helping the real music and musicians. Bihu was introduced to me by Bhupenda when I was very young.

Bihu means the season of unexplored sex. It is celebration of life and pinnacle of joy. Aasam is known for three ‘B’s…Brahmaputra, Bihu and Bhupen Hazarika. I also congratulate Sunita for wonderful performance.”

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You can buy the album on flikart below