Today I woke up with Biryani on my mind, what else can you dream of on a Monday. So I put a status Update on the best places to have Biryani in Powai on Fb. People started commenting, lots of options, catch the entire conversation here 

Coming to Kakori House! I was alone, and ventured in to kakori house at about 2.30pm, a bit late, but my usual time for lunch, the place was empty, and there was another sales person lunching besides me. (I noticed he was eating Biryani with his hands).

At once I settled in for the chicken biryani, as I prefer to venture into mutton zone only when the chicken variety has passed the test. The welcome drink offered was  Khus drink which was super nice, I immediately ordered Dum Murg Masala Biryani (cost Rs 260). The biryani took almost 10 mins to arrive . The Biryani was not the best, but the portion was giant, It was impossible to finish off the entire thing, it had more rice and was a bit oily though. The flavour was subtle instead of being called a masala biryani and subtle flavours are appreciated so much. I rate a food dish badly if it makes me think about finishing it. This Biryani made me think while eating, so I would rate it just 2.5 out of 5.
What disappointed most was the fresh lime soda *salted always*  the beverage came as insipid gasless leftover stuff. It was sent back as it was neither chilled and had only itsy bitsy fizz left in it. It was later replaced with much better version, but equally disappointing fresh lime soda, again not chilled (Saki-naka seems to have run out of ice). It cost a whopping 90 bucks.

Ambience sucks big time, the ac was hardly noticeable, the staff very casual. A low end, low quality affair. Only thing which gives the place a bit of grace is the pictures on the wall of press clippings and picture of Mukesh Ambani. Since when has Mukesh Ambani become a bench mark in food industry is what I couldn’t figure out. Yes he is foodie (unlike me), but does he really know his food is highly doubful and can be debated on a monday lunch.

Finally the sweet options, namely Shahi tukda and malai *something*, which was declined “with get me the bill.”

I didn’t check out other delicacies like gulouti kababs. Maybe someone else can hit up a review on the same.

Kakori House
Sag Baug,Near Saki-naka
Mittal Industrial Estate
Andheri East
Mumbai – 59
Tel – 28520990/01/02[/box]