Kailash Kher Performs At Planet M Powai


The “Sufi” fervour took on all new high at planet M Powai today as talented singer Kailash Kher of the “allah Ke Bande” ,Teri Deewani”  ,Saiyyan fame was present to promote his latest music Album “Chaandan Mein”.

Kailash Kher whose music has retailed over 5.5 lacs units, is now launching his brand new album’ “Chaandan Mein”, which is offering in the similar lines of rich and soulful tradition of Kailasa and Jhoomo Re and is primarily positioned in the real, Sufi,rustic and earthy space for the discerning music lovers.


DSC00188He stressed the importance of our culture DSC00179and launguage, and even counselled a talented singer Anoushka an ex-HFS student on how to make a career out of singing.

He performed two numbers from his latest album and also a few lines from his old hits.Check out his live performance and go and buy his latest album “Chaandan” 10 love songs and retailing at Rs 160 only, quite a deal".