A Sufi poetry reading to music performance was presented by Powai residents Jai and Taru Talwar for the Sufi Festival Sama’a at NCPA being held from17th to 19th November. In this show India’s best-known international actor Kabir Bedi recited the poems of Maulana Jallaluddin Rumi with background fusion music selected by Jai Talwar. The presentation was divided into five parts: The Seeker, Finding Love, Tasting the Divine, The Awakening and Union with the Divine.

Jai Talwar with Kabir Bedi after the show.

This concept of reading poetry to live music was first presented by Jai Talwar in Kolkata over 25 years ago with two being held in Mumbai in 1999 and one in 2007. Earlier in the year the same show was done for the Zoya jewellery store with celebrity Bollywood and theatre actor Farouque Shaikh as the reader.

These shows are in tribute to the mystical sufi saint Rumi to commemorate his 8th centenary.

Jalal Ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi (1207-1273), popularly known as Mevlana Rumi, was a 13th century Persian poet, jurist, theologian and Sufi mystic who composed one of the crowning glories of Persian literature, which profoundly affected the Persian cultural sphere of Khorasan. The Mevlawiya order; which is based on Rumi’s philosophy, is popularly also known as the order of the ‘whirling dervishes’, and is recognised for the practice of Sama’a. Although originally written in Persian, Rumi’s poems have been widely translated into many international languages including Urdu and Punjabi. Rumi’s works transcend national and ethnic borders and seem to be relevant even today across varied cultures.

Jai, Taru Talwar, Rinki Bhattacharya ( Daughter of Late Bimal Roy) and Farouque Shaikh