Do you want a cleaner, happier, healthier and protective environment?

There are so many environmental problems, which can be slowly tackled by small efforts, but people don’t seem to bother and realize about these problems. So for some contribution and awareness around us, we the students of Bombay Scottish School Powai have made an environmental club called the “Junior Paws “. We do many fun filled activities in which we try to protect the environment. We had started a project with the shop “More” in Raheja Vihar. In this project, we collect the plastic bags of the shop “More” from the various buildings of Raheja and return the plastic bags to the shop. By this, we can reduce and reuse plastic, which harms the environment. Though we collected a lot of plastic bags, around a thousand, we did not get any support from the public. It was only the shop “More” who gave us support but over a period of time  the support got a little weak. We would like more participation and support in this regard from all residents of Raheja Vihar.

On the 24th of January  a fair was organized by the Raheja Vihar committee in which we participated and put up a stall in our group’s name-Junior Paws and collected the money mainly for the Mobile Crèche and for things related to the environment.

Recently we went to Sewri for bird watching. There were mostly the migratory flamingos from the runn of kachchh. We also saw Terns, Sea Gulls, Swallows, Median and Large Egret, And most of all a Kingfisher, two small and one huge kingfisher flying in the sky(the plane)! Although we enjoyed our visit to Sewri, we were saddened by the fact that the approach to the place was very bad as the road were in a really bad condition and the amount of litter lying around. I wish there was something that could be done to create more awareness about this place so that more people can enjoy their visit to Sewri as they can have the pleasure of seeing these beautiful migratory birds. There were also few broken down ships which caused the leakage of oil. I hope our group could do something about that to.

We now need support from everybody for our projects ahead. For ideas, please contact us on the email-id

And our website is

-Ninaad, Shivaank, Anirudh, Manav,                                                                                   Sidhaant, Soham, Ryan and Akshat