Are Powai Schools Considerate and discounting fees?

The recent news that the principal of Powai English High School, Shirley Uday Kumar, collected Rs 40L in donations to pay school fees for 200 students is an act of remarkable ingenuity as well as kindness.

We all know the arrogance of school administrators. Many parents are afraid to speak against schools, there is a systemic fear that is instilled in the psyche of parents through moralising.

As parents we want our children to see us as strong people, this fear of losing our child's respect is exploited by teachers and school administrators to turn parents into dumb sheep. They are to follow where the shepherd (in this case the PTA) drives them.

Are schools profiteers?

As far as I know, these are legitimate businesses with profit as the motive. There's nothing wrong with that. But profiteering is evil. To be a profiteer is to take advantage of an adverse situation and use it for massive profits.

Unfortunately, I am not someone who has delved deeply into the business side of running a for-profit school. But just like any other business. There are fixed expenses and variable expenses. Let's say you know the basics of the income statement. Using the Pareto principle of the 80:20 rule.

I think the most important variable expenses I can think of for a school are the following.

  1. Teaching and administrative staff (including contractors) Salary.
  2. Electricity
  3. Supplies and consumables

If this is true, I believe schools might be having a 75% reduction in electricity charges and about 25% reduction in Staff Salary (especially cleaning, maintenance, and repair expenses are drastically reduced).

The PTA should demand to see the cost accounting. The schools should be transparent about it. I know it's extreme socialist thinking, but in times of pandemic, you have to be socialist.

Schools must reduce fees for online-only classes: Supreme Court

Recently, the Supreme Court made it obligatory for private schools to provide a discount of at least 15%. for online classes. The reason is that costs and overheads are low and schools should not resort to profiteering.

Demanding fees even in respect of overheads on such activities would be nothing short of indulging in profiteering and commercialisation.  It is a well­known fact and judicial notice can also be taken that, due to complete lockdown,  the schools were not allowed to open for a substantially long period during the academic year   2020­21.
This means they must have saved at least 15% this way, hence they should extend a deduction in annual schools Should Reduce Fees, Says Supreme Court; Cant Charge For Facilities Not Used fees to proportional units.

What is Aditya Thackeray Cycle Track Plan at Powai Lake

Image Credit - Facebook

Aditya Thackeray was in Powai last week Sunday to inspect the progress of the 10.2km jogging and cycling path, which he says will be environmentally friendly. The goal, he said, is to create a natural urban space so that both citizens and tourists can better interact with nature.

The Samana article says they will also ensure that drainage water does not enter the lake so that the water quality of the lake improves. Water hyacinths would be weeded and the lake will be well maintained.

IIT Bombay is providing technical advice for the project and BMC will provide the financial resources.

Elsie Gabriel of the Young Environmentalist group said that all stakeholders need to be involved in the process of beautification. There are issues like the retaining wall in Panchkutir and Ganesh Ghat, which are yet to be completed.

Shiv Sena MLA from Chandivali, Dilip Lande made a contractor sit in sewage water & asked workers to dump garbage on him

This is a deplorable way of doing justice by MLA Dilip Lande. When a contractor is selected for the job, it is the equal responsibility of the authorities. So it is not a good idea to blame the contractor alone. If MLA Lande wants to dispense justice in the ancient Hammurabi way, he should hold everyone accountable. In ancient Hammurabi, if the house built would fall and people die because of it. The architect would get a death sentence.

Even if the video is from his old MNS days, this is no way a civil society solves its problems. He explains why he did what he did in the next video.


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